Accessorize Sale Haul

Recently loads of shops have been having summer sales so I decided to make the most of the one in Accessorize. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Accessorize; you’re guaranteed to find some lovely jewellery in there but once I see the price tags I usually find myself putting everything I picked up back since you can find very similar jewellery at Primark for Primark prices.This sale had 50% off everything so obviously I picked up a few pieces. As you can see I went a bit pastel mad but since you can pretty much wear pastels all year round it makes them everyday jewellery essentials.0

Firstly were these pastel blue earrings which were only £1.50. I think this kind of blue is very easy to wear with so many different colours: from most blues to any other pastel colour. They’re a bit dressy but quite simple so I’ll probably wear them as part of a smart-casual outfit.

Next was this lovely pastel pink bracelet that was £3.50. I’m not a massive fan of pink but again there are so many outfits that could be worn with it, I think grey would work particularly well with it or monochrome. It’s also not over the top but still quite formal so I recently wore  it to a job interview.

Finally I picked up the pastel turquoise necklace for £3. I like the geometric design and again this could be worn with almost anything whatever season.

Body Shop Body Sorbet Review

I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one of these since they came out last year. It’s basically a summer alternative to a body butter so I’m loving using it at the moment


I got one in Satsuma as I am currently using their Satsuma shower gel too and it smells really fruity but isn’t a really synthetic smell so I love this scent in summer.

The actual sorbet is a lot thinner than a body butter so when applied its very light on the skin but still moisturizes though not as much as a body butter which is fine for summer. A little bit goes a long way so it’s very quick to apply.

So overall I love it for quickly using every morning instead of a body butter in summer. I don’t think it would be good enough to moisturize in winter but this is so good for a hot summers day as it’s really light weight. You can pick up 200ml ( the same volume as a body butter) for £8 and since it lasts quite a while it’s a fair price.

Books you need to read this summer

I have an aim of reading 10 books this summer however I’ve already read 5 and have no plans of stopping any time soon. As well as books I have loved and would recommend here are the books I’m also planning on reading this summer.P1000570

Books I know and love:                                                                                                                                                           Last summer I strayed into more classic books which at first thought were completely boring but you can totally see how it influences authors too as well as still relating to today and relatively easy to read.

Lord of the Flies– This is one of my favourite books. It tells the tale of some boys stuck on a desert island and although the plot seems far flung from the 21st century Britain I saw myself linking some of the characters to people I know and characters from more recent books and begs the ultimate question of what you would do in that situation.

The Day of the Triffids– It’s set in an England terrorized by killer plants and as far fetched as it sounds the convincing characters mean you become immersed in the plot reguardless of how unconvincing it may seem at first.

The Great Gatsby– As well as giving you an insight into the extravagant lives of the rich in 1920s New York this book is full of drama. If you aren’t convinced by the blurb of this book watch the recent film, which I also love.

An Education– I recently saw the film adaptation which I liked so much it led me to read the book. Unlike the film the book is a complete autobiography of a journalist. It’s particularly interesting if you are looking into going down that career path but within the book there’s a lot of humour and her experiences are really interesting as well as emotional in places. In terms of the film it focuses on her relationship with an older man when she was sixteen and as you can see the film reflects certain aspects of this effectively based on the chapter of the book that is dedicated to this and it appears to be a lot less glamourous than the relationship in the film.

To Kill a Mockingbird– I studied this for GCSE but I’d still recommend reading in your free time. It combines the innocence of a small child with Southern America in the 1930’s to show it’s flaws and prejudices.

Gone Girl– I love crime books and this certainly is quite a unique crime/thriller. It’s basically about a man who’s wife goes missing and whilst it may sound quite cliche the author very cleverly shows all is not as it first seems.

Books I am planning on reading:

The Handmaid’s Tale– I was already planning on reading this book when I saw on Tarika’s Instagram how much she loved this book. It’s a dystopian novel and focuses in on Offred and if she doesn’t do her one function, to breed,she will be sent to her death. Again I think that this one is probably going to be more about human nature and behaviour like Lord of the Flies but I can’t wait to read it seeing as Tarika enjoyed it so much.

1984– so many people I know have already read this and loved it but since I didn’t like Animal Farm I have been reluctant to read Orwell’s other work. It’s another dystopian novel in which the government control everything.

The Collecter– The story line to this is a bit messed up but what tempted me to take it out of the library was the fact it will probably have a lot of suspense within the novel. It is about a butterfly collector who decides to now collect a art student and keep her in his basement.

Go Set a Watchman-This follows on from To Kill A Mockingbird and is being published in less than a week. Despite being written before To Kill A Mockingbird you are able to see what becomes of the main character, Scout, as she returns to a home town. It’s not released yet so there’s no certainty it will be as powerful or interesting as To Kill a Mockingbird but surely everyone wants to know what is to become of their favourite characters after finishing a book.

Both lists could go on and on but hopefully if you are looking for books to read this summer hopefully I’ve helped!


I am one of the few people who has never bought anything from ASOS, simply because I’d much rather go shopping even if it is more effort. Since ASOS is a massive site it takes quite a while to find what you want but there was a massive sale on and I will definitely be buying from ASOS in the future.P1000584

Firstly I bought a pastel purple baggy jumper. It’s really light weight so you can easily layer it and the light colour means you can wear it all year round. This was £10.P1000589

Girlfriend jeans suddenly seem to be everywhere so I jumped on the band wagon and got a pair. They are essential like boyfriend jeans but a slimmer cut and higher waist. They’re a lovely light colour, so much so that I think it would be easy to wear them with lots of other colours. They were £10.50.P1000594P1000592

Finally I got a cute pair of cotton floral shorts, I love cotton shorts in summer. Once on it looks more like a mini skirt with its frilly edging. It has a high waist so could be worn with a crop top and the colours used match the colour of the jumper I bought with it . The shorts were £15.P1000586